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Privacy Policy

In Whitewell we care about your privacy. Your personal data is your most sensitive information and before having access to any data that belongs to you, we want you to be clear about what information we collect, why we store it and, above all, how long it will be in our databases.



  1. Who is responsible for your personal data?


Whitewell Legal, SLP, professional limited company with registered office at Calle Almagro 3, 5th floor, right door, Postal Code 28010, Madrid, with Tax Identification Number (NIF) B-42886762 (hereinafter, Whitewell or the Company) is the person responsible for the processing of your personal data.


    2. What is our Privacy Policy?


Our Privacy Policy is a document through which we provide you with information about the use that we will make of your personal data and, also, about the rights that assist you in relation to that personal data and its storage by Whitewell.


We provide you with this information because we are concerned about your privacy, and also because we are obliged to do so in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.


If at any time you need to contact us regarding your personal data or our Privacy Policy, you can write to us at .



    3. For what and when do we collect your personal data?


We collect your personal data in order to be in contact with you. If you fill in any of our forms, write to us through any of our channels, send us your CV or subscribe to our newsletter, we will need to contact you. Therefore, it is important that you authorize us to collect your data in order to establish, manage and maintain that line of communication with you.


It is important that you know that when you give us any type of information, you assume full responsibility for the veracity of that data and you also acknowledge that you are of legal age or have the corresponding authorization to be able to contact us. We trust by default, your responsibility is that these data do not suppose any type of infraction, falsehood or violation.


For your peace of mind we would like to inform you that in Whitewell we do not carry out international transfers of your personal data nor do we transfer them to third parties, unless you expressly authorize us to do so or we are obliged to do so by law or by mandate of a judicial or administrative order.



    4. How long will we keep your personal data?


We will not keep your personal data beyond the time strictly necessary to be able to establish, manage and maintain that line of communication with you. We will keep your personal data for the just and necessary time depending on the reason for which you have authorized us to use them and, in any case, for a period not exceeding three (3) years from the date of collection, except that it is necessary to keep them for a longer time due to any legal obligation or for the defense of our legitimate rights and interests.


Your data belongs to you and we do not want to keep it unnecessarily.



     5. Do you know your rights?


As the owner of your personal data, you have a series of rights in relation to them. In particular, the following:


(I) Right of access  To know what data we have and what we are doing with it.


(II) Right of rectification  If we have any wrong personal data, you can always request that we rectify it.


(III) Right to erasure or to be forgotten  At any time you can ask us to delete your personal data.


(IV) Right of limitation  At any time you can put limits on the use we make of your personal data.


(V) Right of portability  At any time you can ask us to send your personal data to another data controller.


(VI) Right of opposition  At any time you can ask us to stop using your personal data.


(VII) Right of revocation  At any time you can revoke your consent to use your personal data.


In any case, don't forget that you can write to us at any time at the email address .


Also, remember that if you believe that we have used your personal data improperly and we do not respond to your request, you have the right to file a claim directly with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (“AEPD”).



    6. Are you also concerned about your privacy when browsing our website?


It is logical. If this is the case, we remind you that you can access all the information you need in our cookie policy .



     7. Do not stop reading our Privacy Policy.


Every time you visit our website or provide us with your personal data, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy because we sometimes modify it (because it is required by law or, where appropriate, because we decide to modify it ourselves voluntarily).


Never accept a privacy policy without first reading it, please. Your personal data is one of your greatest assets; don't let anyone take advantage of them.



     8. In addition to informing you, we also apply security measures to protect you.


In we care about people. Therefore, to protect you and your personal data, we have adopted different measures to ensure that your personal data is protected and, in any case, to prevent misuse of it.


It is important for you to know that, although we have taken the best security measures to protect your personal data, there could be security breaches or data leaks. We are committed to informing you, as well as to act with the greatest speed and diligence in the event that it occurs.



      9. How is our relationship regulated?


Our relationship with you will be governed by current Spanish regulations that may be applicable and any dispute or controversy that may arise between us will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals in which you have your usual address.

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