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Cookies policy

On Whitewell we use cookies, and we want you to know this before browsing it. We do it this way for your safety and also for our peace of mind.



  1. Starting at the beginning, it would be logical for you to ask yourself: what are cookies?


Although they are named after cookies, they are not a dessert. They are actually files that are downloaded to the device or computer from which you connect to browse the web (hereinafter, Whitewell or the Company) and their purpose is to collect information about the use you make of the Web (for example, your IP address, what day you accessed the Web, how long you were browsing it, what sections of the Web you have visited, etc).


They are used to get the most out of our website. It allows us to collect data about the users who access it in order to improve it and make the content better and better.


   2. Now that you know what cookies are, it would be normal for you to wonder what types of cookies we use, right?


We use various types of cookies on our website. In particular, the following:


   (I) Technical or functional cookies

With these files, the only thing we want is that the Web works well and that we do not forget what your preferences were (we do not want to ask you things that we should know). The purpose of this type of is that, once you enter to browse the Web, the following times we will be able to recognize you and offer you what interests you the most.


It is important that you know that these can be downloaded to your computers and / or devices without the need for your express consent.


   (II) Analytical cookies


With these files we try to know how our website is used. The objective is to know what you do on the Web when you enter it; If we want our website to improve every time you visit it, we need to know how you use it when you browse it.


Don't worry, we'll ask for your permission to install this type of.


   (III) Marketing cookies


As you can imagine, with these files we will try to know your tastes in case at any time we want to send you some type of advertising.


Don't worry, we'll also ask for your permission to install this type of. It would be very strange if we ever tried to offer you something that has nothing to do with the Law, but if we do, we recommend that you think more than once if you really want us to install this type of file on your computer or device.



     3. Do you know that you can delete cookies at any time?


Although initially you have authorized us to install on your computer or device, do not forget that at any time you can revoke that consent and delete any of the ones we have installed.


If you want more information on how to delete on your computer or device, see the following links:




Google Chrome




Internet explorer


Keep in mind that, if you delete all cookies from your computer or device, but you access our website again, some of those cookies will be reinstalled because our website cannot function without cookies.


In any case, every time you visit our website, we recommend that you read our Cookies Policy because we sometimes modify it (because it is required by law or, where appropriate, because we decide to modify it ourselves voluntarily). Never accept a cookie policy without first reading it, please.



     4. Are you worried about something else about your privacy?


It is logical. If this is the case, we remind you that you can access all the information you need in our privacy policy.




    5. If you need anything else you can contact us whenever you want.


Our main mission is to help, solve problems and clear doubts. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to know more about our Cookies Policy or, where appropriate, if you want to ask us or recommend something.


Our data are the following:




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