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It's not just about Law.

About Us

About the Firm

Whitewell provides legal advice in major areas of business law. The fundamental principles upon which Whitewell was founded are hard work and the pursuit of excellence; always striving to deliver the best service to our clients.

After years of professional practice, participating in prominent judicial and arbitration proceedings and some of the most significant transactions across various sectors, our motto is clear: effort is non-negotiable... and so is the satisfaction of our clients.

In addition, in Whitewell our concern extends beyond just the Law; we care about people and the various social realities.  We strive to contribute our part to the development of a fairer and more compasionate society; a world where people help peope. We cannot envision practicing law without a sincere and real committment to our society.

Our extensive professional experience and specialization in various areas of Law, coupled with the business-oriented minset that characterizes the professionals of Whitewell, make us an unbeatable partner for our clients and their businesses.


Our main objective is the tranquility of our clients.


We resolve conflicts and offer solutions to your problems.


We are passionate about people, companies and the projects of both.


We help our clients implement their ideas and achieve their business objectives.


In life, both for people and companies, there are good times and bad times.  

We help refinance, restructure or start new stages by resetting the counter.


We know the Public Administration, we understand its general norms and the specific rules of the regulated sectors, and for this reason we assume the defense of the rights and interests of the administered ones.

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